Soapy Massage in Delhi

For many clients, a soapy massage is a perfect massage because unlike the Nuru Massage, you don’t get gunked up and all sticky with the gel. Don’t get us wrong, the Nuru massage is amazing and it has a lot of fans for good reason. But sometimes, it’s not the most convenient massage. You’ll shower for your tantric massage anyway so a Soapy Massage can be ideal for you if time is a factor.

When you first enter the room you will see the bathtub which is sensually decked out with all the things that make the right atmosphere for a soapy massage session. You masseuse will always welcome you with a warm smile and then the nude massage session will begin. What follows is the most sexy and erotic massage you could imagine with lots of soap and bubbles.

Maya's Massages

It’s also perfect if you want to just enjoy some close-up intimacy with the natural sexiness of suds replacing the massage oil. It is been likened to a Geisha experience where the masseuses can assist you in the shower or bathtub and often – she will end up joining you in the water to maximise the erotic body to body contact. Our masseuse always aim to help you get the most from your soapy massage with us.

The assisted bath and soapy massage session is one that no client will forget and like all the massages that we offer at Maya's Massages, we will always put our own unique spin on it. We can guarantee your senses will be working overtime with this combination of wet and wild massage therapy.

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