Sandwich or Four Hand Massage in Delhi

Sandwich massage or Four hands massage therapy uses a combination of techniques commonly used in Swedish and aromatherapy massages. The therapist alternates between light and deep flow movements and helps to balance the energy of your body, as it positively affects both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. this massage consists of two therapists that simultaneously work on the body in a choreographed manner. You will feel refreshed and energized using the best treatment techniques to get the best four hand massage in Delhi.

Getting a massage is all about having positive energy around you and when receiving a four hands massage, you will drift into a meditative mood forgetting all your worries. The therapists often use the client’s body just like a blank canvas and proceeds to paint their own masterpiece on it. This method is just like a slow choreographed dance with four hands moving from one pressure point to the next. This treatment needs the time and effort of two people and hence is not offered in most spas.

Maya's Massages

We offers you the best Sandwich Massage or Duo massage or Four hand Massage for men and ladies with the highest experience that can release our guests from stress.

The experience of the four hands massage at Maya's Massages in Delhi is an unusual type of massage, it is like the experience of two whole body massage at the same time so it is called the effective duo massage. The Maya's Massages provides the best four-hand massage in Delhi for the effect of double wellness and restroom.

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